Wearbuds World’s first Wireless Earbuds charged on your Wrist

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Wearbuds are first of its kind in the wireless earbus trend.Wearbuds are same as Airpods, but get charged in a fitness band.

What makes it different?
          How does Wearbud differ from other ear pods, even though it is said to be wireless it comes with a bulky case and the charging case limits the poratbility.
Hence we have the solution – WEARBUDS
        True wireless solution. It is designed to break the inconvinience casued by the traditional ones. It frees us from bulky chargers, easy to lose buds and other issues.
          This design did not impact any bit of the original purpose, SOUND.

         Fitted with Qualcomm audio chipset, Bluetooth 5 and graphene augmented drivers, these Wearbuds deliver the same quality of sound as we expect from a big wired headphones. Wearbus have definitely raised the bar in the earphones industry. We can see a true innovation in every single aspect of the product.

         In most of the cases, earbuds have less battery life. But tats not the case in Wearbuds. We can charge it anytime while running, jogging and so on.
When we would like to listen to music, we need not search for the earbuds, they are already in our wrist.

        ​Wearbuds are featured with AptX and an astonishing audio streaming quality. All thanks goes to the Qualcomm Audio chipset. Zero lag is achieved with the help of Graphene augmented drivers. The usage of silicon increases the comfort while wearing the wristband and the hybrid silicone also helps in passive noise cancellation when used it ear tips.

        By just tapping or sliding the sides of the earphones can let us change the track as well as volume. The use of Bluetooth 5 enables us to make hand free phone calls by just tapping the earbuds. Wearbuds provides protection against water with the use of Ipx6 technology.

        The wristband does the main function of storing and charging the wearbuds. In addition to that it also acts as a fitness band and does all sorts of tracking similar to a normal smart band. It is fitted with various sensors which aids the same. The fitness and sleep data can be viewed through the specially developed App.

    Wearbuds can be definitely considered as a valuable innovation in the earphones industry. Grab yours now and join the earphones trend!!

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