Upcoming Cars in 2019

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New Audi TT


         Audi has introduced the Audi TT Coupe in its third generation avatar. The 2019 Audi TT gets a whole lot sexier on the outside and inside. The design language on the exterior is inspired from the new A8 with the trapezoidal grille up front.The 2019 Audi TT Coupe face lift has received a comprehensive update and now gets sportier with new exterior design.Tech to keep you occupied even when not driving.

Audi Q8

SUV, Petrol, Diesel

         Audi has introduced the Audi Q8 SUV.The powerful front and the sloping roof line create dynamism.The Audi Q8 combines the elegance of a four-door luxury coupe with the versatility of an SUV. The sporty interior conveys a luxurious charm and, together with the optionally-adjustable rear seat, also offers plenty of space in the rear.

New Volvo S60

Sedan, Petrol, Hybrid

          The new-generation Volvo S60 is a handsome looking car. Volvo cars have been getting stylish and attractive off late. And after the stunning S90, the new S60 sedan is no different.It is a brand-new car from the ground up and completes Volvo’s 60-series family consisting of the new-gen XC60, V60 and now the S60.

Tesla Model 3


         Tesla has introduced the The Model 3 is the brand’s entry level four-door electric sedan.The Tesla Model 3 is one of the most anticipated electric cars from the American car manufacturer. The mid-size premium sedan shares most of its design and style cues with the flagship sedan from Tesla – the Model S.

Volkswagen T-Roc

Petrol, SUV

          The Volkswagen T-Roc is a compact SUV that rivals the likes of the MINI Countryman and Honda HR-V in Europe. It was a much needed missing link in Volkswagen’s global line-up and has been well received as an urban SUV alternative to a car like the Golf. It will come as a petrol-only model.

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