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Tophill- Redefining Minimalist Design From Swiss

         TopHill, A swiss based modern smartwatch with the classic touch and beauty. Tophill watch, redefining a mechanical watch to a smart watch and yet not losing its elegance.

          Tophill features a black design with stainless steel bracelet and PVD black casing. The dial is fitted with a luminous hands, thus making it sleek and this is what is expected from a TOPHILL watch. Tophill supports latest generation of heart rate monitor, call and message notifications, GPS tracking and a 60days battery life.Tophill can be connected via Bluetooth to the TopHill health and sports application. It also does steps tracking, blood pressure monitor, calorie intake.

          The aesthetics are kept intact by combining the analogue display with digital and smart features. With the multi axis gyro and motion sensors, blood pressure, calories and heart rate are monitored regularly which is deinfitely going to bring a lifestyle change for us.

          Tophill doesnt compromise on any of its features!! It comes with a single button which makes all the operations easier. When the button is pressed it displays heart rate in the 0.42” OLED screen. The watch is so smart tos configure, we can decide who and when they can interrupt us. The power reserve is indicated in the watch dial.

       Tophill is compatible with all the latest smart phones and get all the notifications from gmail to facbook to instagram instanlty in your wrist. How cool is it to manage your day from your wrist!! Set alarms and reminders in the TopHill smart watch and get notified, instead of rushing to your first date/ office meeting.

         Are you an explorer? Then TOPHILL is your thing. There is no need to change the time according to the zone. With its automatic sync capability the time gets updated and TopHill displays your local time as well. Sleep is very important for all of us.

        Tophill tracks the sleep movement, depth of the sleep, heart rate and keeps us updated thus preventing us from any serious or chronic disorders. With just 90mins of charging, TopHill provides us 60 days battery life. Water and dust cannot never stop us from adventuring. It can be worn during kayaking, water related work. Howvever it is not appreciated to wear it during swimming, bathing and diving.

         Tophill watches are being sold in three colours to satisfy the fashion needs. Tophill is the best compliment to the current lifestyle along with its SWISS features will definitely set the trend across the world.

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