The new Audi S8 Specifications and Pictures Revealed

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The new Audi S8 Specifications and Pictures Revealed

           Audi, German automaker is all geared up now to launch their high performance beast Audi S8.

           Audi A8 has been in the market for 2 years now, and all we want now is an agressive powerful vehicle with luxurious design.

           The new Audi S8 is now packed with 4.0litre,twincharged V8 engine which is capable of 583 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque and Quattro all-wheel drive vehicle.

           When we compare it with the previous version of A8 egine, it is increased by 103 hp and 103 lb-ft. Audi S8 will raise the bar by having a revamped suspension and chassis systems and sporty driver assistance solutions.

           It works with a 48V hybrid systems which extensively supports the start stop systems and coasting. The power train works through the eight speed automatic gear system. Though Audi has not released the 0-60 mph time, it is believed the top speed will be limited to 155 mph. In addition to that, we hope Audi keeps up the promise by providing the same comfort level as the current ones.

        We are definitely going to be blown away with the upgraded suspension technology. Electromagentic actuators are integrated to push and pull each wheels individually which henceforth will assure us a smooth ride. It is also featured with Comfort+ operating mode, where the system can raise the car by 2inches for easy entry and also lean the car by a maximum of 3degress during the turn which will reduce the lateral acceleration of the passenger.

        Few external changes what we could see from A8 are the quad tailpipes, front bumper trim and also mirror housings.

        What we get to see in the pictures are short wheelbase Europe models and we can expect only long wheelbase for US markets.
We can expect the sale to begin later this in the US and price ranges is to be around $100,000.

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