Temi Personal Robot

Temi Personal Robot

          Temi your new personal assistant, but in real it is more than a assistant. It is almost a mirror of you or you can say “The virtual you.” Temi, the personal robot from Roboteam Home, is designed to be helpful,affordable, reliable and mobile. 

          Temi is a home robot that is smarter than telepresence bot and acts like a personal assistant on wheels.the meaning of “Temi” means ‘Mine’, is derived from Yoruba tradition by the word Ti Emi or T’emi. When coupled it forms the word Temitayo meaning mine is worthy of joy,Temitope meaning mine is worthy of thanksgiving. One can’t agree more to this meaning once they know about Temi.

          The Temi packs a range of functionality to help you provide contextual help to you. For years we’ve been dreaming of robots that will serve us in our home and office. Today the time has finally
come. Temi.

“A robot will never appreciate the beauty of a sunrise or sunset.” But Temi will ensure you don’t miss this beauty.

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