Racer 4 Street

Racer 4 Street

          Drone Racing League Racer4 Street a street-ready version of the drone used in the league by the world’s top pilots.

          A 5S power system, 2510 stator and 7x4x3 props. It generates a massive 1,850g per motor at an efficient 34A. We will be redesigning the electronics system to support off the shelf radios and simple part replacement. the R4 can stick corners and offer massive, continuous thrust along the duration of it’s 2,200mah 70C pack. The new R4 offers a whole new level of competitive racing.

          The DRL Racer4 has 1,000 LEDs specifically made for animating sponsor logos and ensuring visible racing on broadcast. While the Racer4 Street has 100 LEDs, rest assured we’re working to integrate a new lighting system that will achieve the same aesthetic as our pro drones.

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