Pictar Pro | Real DSLR Your Smartphone

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This is Pictar Pro makes your phone feel like a real DSLR Camera.

         The magazines to Instagram,social media, more and more photographers are using smartphones as their primary cameras. And with good reason today’s smartphone cameras really are that awesome. Problem is, phones are made for the mass public, and so.

         The mobile phone all about one thing it’s Camera is amazing.every camera it’s size of sensor and amount of lights goes inside, new technology for pixels,more numbers of algorithm and lot of software is called as AI.

         Now take our mobile Camera pick tap click tats it.most of them not look at the configuration of camera.we have solution for this one is Pictar Pro.with simple three steps to connect.

        Pictar Pro doesn’t just make your phone feel like a real DSLR camera .Let’s see about Pictar Pro.

       It’s enables you to add dozens of features and controls. Pictar Pro bridges the gap between a phone’s power and a camera’s usability with a wide set of physical controls and software features. The phenomenal user real experience.

       ​A Metal grip and an unmatched front-loaded intuitive user interface. Simply download the Pictar Pro application, snap on Pictar Pro, and enjoy more camera control.

      When attached to Pictar Pro’s body, the fold-able silicon viewfinder enables you to preview images and videos in full detail- even under the brightest lights. Like when you’re outdoors on a sunny afternoon.

      The pictar pro have inbuilt battery power to charge your mobile phone to wireless charging. so no need to worry about battery life of your mobile phone you can enjoy your photography.

       Utilizing a seamless modern pairing connection technology, Pictar Pro pairs with your smartphone instantly via sound-waves,so no need to connect any physical connections or Bluetooth connections.

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