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Novus : Perfect gadget for both kids and parents
         Parents today, wants to be connected to their kids always beacuse of safety reasons. However they are still reluctant to give kids smart phones at a very young age.
On the other hand, kids are always fascinated by the electronic gadgets.

        Firstly we need a gadget with all the fun filling features such as camera, multimedia etc.Secondly we do not want kids to access the unhealthy internet content.
As a result, we have Novus. The perfect gadget which acts as smart phone, smart watch and home assisting device.


          Novus phone is so beautifully designed as to fit in kids small hands. With one full charge we can use the phone for three days and it is three times more than the novus smartwatch. Novus makes sure kids have their privacy and the calls are not heard outside.


          Novus itself can be converted as a smart watch and it looks super sleek and cool. But the battery can last long one for a single day with full charge.


          Novus home assist needs the novus device and also the home module. The home module comes with a built in 4400mAh battery and a bluetooth speaker. When we plug in the watch or phone, it is immediately charged and becomes an AI speaker. As a result, it works along with Google assistant and becomes an instant DJ for kids

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It is so easy to transform NOVUS with its modular design.

So how does it help the parents?
      1. Parents can send message, make a voice/video call through the NOVUS application. In the same way the children can also be connected to their parents and friends in need.
     2. Parents can track their kids. Sounds impossible. But yeah with high accuracy and precision parents can track their kids from wherever they are
      3. SOS mode: Emergency mode is entered when the power button is pressed thrice and call is made to the contact synced.

            1.Novus supports Nano sim and 4g network
          2.The touch wheel is used to choose between the menus and for the volume control. And they have a super cool LED , which lights up when the wheel is in slide motion.
          3.Novus helps the kids by playing songs, asking doubts, calling their freind, setting up alarms with very simple voice commands.
          4. During nights the home module becomes a pleasent nightlights. It supports IR control and turn on the lights when people are around and turn them off during their absence.
          5. Additionaly Novus also has a 3.5mm jack to plug in earphones and listen to music in addition to the speaker.
           6. Novus comes in two colour: Coral pink and Space blue

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