JBL Reflect Eternal Solar Powered Self-Charging Headphones Unveiled With Unlimited Playtime

The Crowdfunding Platform Indiegogo Has Been Used By Startups Companices And Small Businesses To Takes Their Ideas To Real Life.Now The Customer Electronics Company JBL Have Listed It Is JBL REFLECT Eternal Self-Charging Headphones On Indidegog.

JBL Reflect Eternal Solar Powered Self-Charging Headphone

JBL has unveiled a new solution for the battery woes of Bluetooth headphones. JBL REFLECT Eternal charges itself by turning all light into energy. and it can also charge via ambient light when indoors. So More light, more power, more playtime between charges.

The solar charging feature ensures the headphones can be used for an unlimited number of hours when the headphone is used outdoors. JBL says spending 1.5 jours outdoors will extend the usage time to 68 hours while 2 hours outside daily delivers 168 hours. Finally, 2.5 hours of outdoor time translates to unlimited playtime daily.

JBL Reflect Eternal Solar Powered Self-Charging Headphone

The USB charging port as well for backup, and it can fully charge the JBL Reflect headphones’ inbulid 700mAh battery is upto 2 hours. The IPX4-rated headphones feature 40mm drivers and can pair with other devices over Bluetooth 5.0.

The JBL offering is priced at $99 and comes in red and green colour options. the Indiegogo Discount priced at Rs. 9,163 and Early Adopter Discount perk at Rs. 7,032 for the JBL Reflect Eternal headphones is now live on the crowdfunding platform.

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