InnoChiller – Chill Your Drinks Up To 8x Faster

InnoChiller – Chill Your Drinks Up To 8x Faster

          Everyone needed instant cooler for your now we have InnoChiller. No need for adding ice cubes! Just place InnoChiller into your freezer and get the ideal temperature drink within 9 minutes.

          Once we’ve opened up a warm one, we all regret it, wasting what could have been an ice-cold refreshment and knowing that it’s not the same,you can put your drinks into the freezer, but you’ll still be waiting at least 50 minutes. With the InnoChiller, be the saviour of the party by cooling drinks to the perfect temperature in under 10 minutes.with simple three steps!

          1.Turn on the InnoChiller and select the appropriate program that matches your drinks, 3 cans, 6 cans, large bottle, or ice cubes.
        2.Place the InnoChiller inside your freezer. The InnoChiller will fit inside most modern home freezers.
           3.Wait until you hear the acoustic alarm and grab your drinks!

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