Hyundai Motor Group develops new prototype portable electric scooter

South Korean multinational automotive manufacturer Hyundai Motor Group has developed a new prototype electric’s can travel upto 20 km on a single charge and this new model comes with rear-wheel drive, a lithium-ion battery and front and rear lights.

Hyundai Electric Scooter

Korean carmaker has revealed a new version of the electric scooter with rear wheel drive. Electric scooter is initial concept presented at CES 2017.and it’s can run nearly 20 km on a single charge and upto speed of 20 Km. E-scooter equipped with lithium-ion battery and stylish front and back lights.

The latest concept of Hyundai Motor Group plans to enable mobility to integrating the Electric scooter with the future Kia and Hyundai vehicles.

Key Specification:
1. Hyundai Electric Scooter comes with good Suspension Setup.
2. Electric scooter has Front and Rear LED lights.
3. This E-Scooter is equipped with Digital Diaplay that shows Battery status and Speed of  E-scooter.
4. Electric scooter is top speed of 20 km and Distance of nearly 20km on a single charge.
5. Scooter weighs around 7.7 kg and it’s has 10.5 Ah lithium battery.

The Electric Scooter is mounted personal scooter which could be featured in future Hyundai Motor Group vehicles. it’s has digital display that shows battery status and speed. It is also equipped with two LED headlights. The Hyumdai Motor Group plans to install a regenerative braking system to increase the E-scooter’s range by 7 percent.

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