Handy Gym

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Handy Gym - Be fit with the new portable handy gym

What is Handy gym ?
        Handy gym is a portable gym to perform strength training without even lifting a single pound.
        It works based on the inertial technology developed by NASA. It is definitely the most innovative fitness product by applying the isoinertial technology and it provides us the same efficieny and functionality as compared to heavy fitness machines in Gym.
        Handy gym works independent of the gravity and this making it portable. Handy gym provides the same fitness results as our normal gym.

        NASA came with the isoinertial technology after the muscle loss happened to astronauts. They were not able to exercise with heavy equipments due to the loss of gravity.

How Handy gym works?
        It comes as a compact accessory weighing around 2 pounds. Handy gym consists of two inertial discs which can convert the turning force into strength of resistance. It is fitted with numerous gripping systems so that we can perform around 200 exercises and tone any muscle as we wish. It doesn’t require any electric source.
        Working out using the isoinertial resistance has proved to be much effective than the regular ones. It helps us in developing high quality muscle fibre. One main reason is we get to work in both the direction, eccentric (during muscle contraction) and concentric(during muscle expansion).

How to use them?
         Choose the workout from the list provided and also the disc configuration from the mobile application.
From the different force disc we can choose, based on the muscle to be toned and how intense we want it to be. Double power pulley can be used when we need high intensity exercise.
         The discs are so light in weight and the strengthening is not about lifting them. The resistance level depends purely on the inertia present on the disc that we have chosen.
         We can choose from different accessory and decide where it is going to be anchored, to the surface or wall mount, or to the body.

        What else!! Time to start strengthening.
        The results can be checked from the mobile application.

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