Grow Director

          All of us love planting. Somtetimes it gets tough to manage and set all the environmental factors by ourselves. We have an automated solution now. We have grow director.

Whats a grow director?

         Grow director is a smart automation process for cultivation. Grow director controls all the sensors and lot other devices present in our grow room.                                               Grow director comes with a 7″ interactive display which requires no prior technical exposure. We can monitor and control different required parametrs for planting such as humidity, temperature, pressure, light and so on. Grow director ensures the data recieved gets updated in seconds.

Tech specs:

1. 7″ capacitive display

2. WiFi module

3. 7x Digital/PWM/Analog outputs

4. 7x inputs

5. Universal sensor termial

6. 4 controlled AC output terminal

          Grow director can be controlled even from remote via mobile applications. Various measured parameters are stored in the device internal memory and are presented in an user friendly charts. So whats stopping you? Go and preorder yours now!!

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