BOSE Frame Audio Sunglasses – Wireless Sunglasses

BOSE Frame Audio Sunglasses – Wireless Sunglasses

          BOSE being our most trusted brand for earphones, earlier this year BOSE came up with this really cool idea. The idea which combined two favourite gadgets of all time. Wireless earbuds and Sunglasses.

          When we wear the sunglasses on a sunny day, for others they are just glasses, but you know the secret. Earbuds are connected to the phone via Bluetooth. They also guarantee that no one will be able to hear the music. Trust them, the audio quality of Bose is that good

          The sunglasses comes in two models 1. Alto(Larger fit) and 2. Rondo(Smaller Fit)
The materials used for the sunglasses are as classy as their idea.Nylon rims, Merak hinges and non scratch able lenses are used.time to grab yours and experience the innovation.

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