BMW i4 EV Officially Coming in 2021 with 523 HP, 373 miles of range

This new BMW i4 EV will be around the same size as a 4-series. It has an 80.0-kWh battery pack. i4 EV will make 530PS of power and it have 373-Mile Range.
The upcoming BMW i4 all-electric sedan that will arrive in 2021. BMW has shared that it will be equipped by a 530-hp electric motor and that its battery pack will measure around 80.0 kWh, and the BWM has shared additional photos of an BWM i4 EV prototype testing in the snow.


BMW claims that the i4 EV will go from zero to 100 mph in 4.0 seconds. and BMW is claiming the i4 will go 373 miles on a single charge with an electronically limited top speed of 120 mph. BMW also revealed that the battery pack weighs 550kg or about 1,213 pounds, and i4 EV will be able to charge at up to 150kW.

The 1,213 pound battery pack will provide a range of 373 miles on the European WLTP testing cycle and BWM i4 is dual motor all-wheel drive (both front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive).The BWM iX3 is scheduled to arrive in 2020, while the i4 will begin production in 2021.

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