5 NEW Inventions 2019


          Temi is a personal home robot which is known for its recognising capability and moving along with its users. Temi was developed by THE TEMI company.

What’s Temi?

          Temi is world’s first mobile, intelligent personal robot for home. Temi can hear, speak, see , remember and understand our needs and is intended to serve us better. Temi is one of the best selling product in consumer robots. Temi comes with more functionality than its competitors which includes Mayfield Robotics, Kuri, Jibo and blue frog robotics buddy. Featuring cutting edge AI technology along with a system of sensors and actuators Temi can undoubtedly improve and make our lives easier. Temi is so user friendly that it is as good as using a light switch.

What Temi does?

          Temi provide us complete hands free technology. Temi is known for its voice recognistion capability and it can be completely controlled by voice. Moving video calling, becoming our personal DJ at times, Enjoying educational applications, learning recipes in the middle of cooking, getting to know the latest match scores from wherever we are , controlling all the smart devices in our home and so many more are now possible with Temi. Temi helps us to always be connected with our family even when we are physically away.

Is Temi real big?

          (ft.) 3.2H x 1.1W x 1.5D (cm.) 100H x 35W x 45D Temi weighs around 26lbs/ 12kg What are its features? 3D mapping Navigation User detection and tracking Obstacle avoidance Path planning Face recognition.

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latest updates

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What are its features?

       1.3D mapping.


       3.User detection and tracking.

       4.Obstacle avoidance.

       5.Path planning.

       6.Face recognition.

       7. Temi comes with dual CPU with one featuring ARM hexa core and Linux OS and other one with ARM quad core. Temi is fitted with 360 degrees LIDAR, 2 depth cameras, 2 RGB cameras, 5 proximity sensors, IMU sensor and 6 Time of flight linear sensor.

       8.Temi’s connectivity includes Bluetooth 4.0 and MIMO    Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n/ac to connect itself with the devices.

Temi becomes the best dj for a house party with these fittings:

  • 20W Audio
  • High fidelity equalizer
  • One sub-woofer
  • Two midrange speakers
  • Two tweeters
  • Passive radiators
  • Acoustically transparent fabric Temi captures all the beautiful moments with 13MP high resolution camera.
  • Temi operates for 8 hours per charge.
  • Temo moves around with the help of two 50W direct drive brushless DC motor and moves at a speed of 1m per second.


         BREAZE – Breathe without fear!!

         Our air has been increasingly contaminated and polluted. We are becoming vulnerable to many air borne diseases. Technology makes our life clean and safe. Introducing breaze, our personal air purifying mask. Breaze purifies the air, removes micro particles and bacteria when worn.


         Breaze is fitted with two layers and one being activated carbon layer. Another exciting feature of Breaze is.

         it is transparent making our face visible. Breaze comes with very perfect design, that it makes our breathing so natural and comfortable. It is provided with USB recharging.

         The B R E A Z E is a restorative breathing and movement practice of self-heals, offers meditations to align your body.

#3.GENII Smarter home solution

          Imagine how great it would be if your warmer is on when you come back home on a cold day? How cool it would be turn the sprinklers on from office whenever your kid wants to play ? Who doesnt want to control home from anywhere in the world?? Its time to get rid of the number of remotes on the coffe table and switch to GENII- Smarter home solution. GENII comes with this intelligent tagline of “Home is where your phone is ” 

          Till today, one of the biggest disadvantage all the smart home solution has is the connectivity. Most devices work in small range blueotooth and infrared. Genii utilises the internet to connect to the infra red smart devices at home and so it can be controlled from anywhere around the globe.


How do I connect the Genii?

          Genii comes with a hub and number of geniis. The geniis can be connected to the eye of an infrared devices like television, air conditioner, stereos ,etc. The genii hub communicates with the genii devices via bluetooth. The mobile Genii application makes us connect to all the devices in less than a minute and control them seamlessly.

Whats this Genii and Genii hub?

          Geniis are relays which takes our command and beam out Infra red just the way our remotes do when we are at home. Geniis are placed near the IR of the deso that they shoot out the IR as soon as the comment is recieved. The number of Geniis depends on the number of device we want to connect remotely.


          Genii hub is nothing but a dispatcher.It can be plugged into any of the electrical outlet and get it connected to the wifi. Once the hub goes online, it can recieve commands from the mobile phone. Those orders are sent to the Genii using bluetooth.

What does the package contain?

          Typical package contains a single hub and three geniis.


What is a Robobo?

         Learning robotics is made easier with Robobo Robobo is one of the most interesting gadget ideas. Its so simple yet so effective.

Why need Robots when we have a smart phones?

         But smart phone cannot move on his own so as Robots. Yes!! And then we have Robobo. Robobo is a simple mobile base which can be paired with our smart phone and we have our Robots. Smart phones comes with different sensors, processor and communication technology which when combined with the mobility, gestural capabilities of the base, robobo becomes an perfect tool for learning robotics.

How to use?

          All we need are smart phone, laptop and robobo. Place the smart phone on the base and connect via bluetooth. Install the free application in your Smartphone. Connect the laptop and robobo base through wifi and start programming the Robobo

Aren’t we bored of designing the same line followers ?

          Its time to use Robo for much smarter needs. How cool it would be if your robo wakes you up and tell you about the weather outside? Designing of such intersting ideas is now so easy with Robobo.

Technical specifications:

SIZE (FOLDED): 92x172x200 mm

SIZE (UNFOLDED): 170x172x200 mm

WEIGHT: ~700 g

BATTERY: 5000 mAh LiPo Rechargeable CERTIFICATION: CE, FCC and RoHS.

BLUETOOTH FIRMWARE UPDATE CONNECTIVITY: Bluetooth connectivity 1 Micro USB port for charing battery.

SENSORS :  8 infrared sensors 4 motor encoders (2 on the motor wheels, 1 in the PAN motor, 1 in the TILT motor) Battery level.

ACTUATORS :  2 DC motor in the wheels (150:1) 1 DC motor for TILT movement of the smartphone holder (1000:1) 1 DC motor for PAN movement of the smartphone holder (150:1) 7 color LED lights.



          Pine is a flexi camera motion controller.It was designed by photographer and developer Patrick Ketterer.Pine has been developed to automate the camera movements, time lapse, slow motions, panaroma and much more. It is an universal and wireless camera motion controller which is provided with a control box and an application. Pine is just a motion controller, in other words controller. Pine doesnt contain any sliders or tilting units. All these below motions are now made so simple and easy with Pine.

1. 360deg.

2. Panaroma.

3. Time lapes.

4. Turntable.

5. Video.

6. 3D scan.

7. Astro and much more.

          Another great feature of Pine is, it is device independent. Pine can almost be connected to all the devices which has a stepper motor Pine controller has 4 motor outputs and 2 camera outputs. Young champs and professionals can therefore design their own motion control systems for their projects. Pine also provides an application which is so user friendly to set up and also to use. Pine hardware is so reliable that it also offers custom motor connection cables which is suitable for different devices. It also provides bluetooth feature.

          If more than 4 axes are needed another pine controller can be added from our smartphone.

          Its time to start using PINE and share your PINE moments with us!!

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You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find
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“Very good blog post. Really Great.”

Dante Vega
Dante Vega

No matter how you mask it Breaze is just another germaphobic invention to help someone isolate themselves from germs entirely. You may have heard at some point in your life the saying “You can never be too careful.”. This is not the case when it comes to the immune system. Being too careful can often be a double-edged sword. You are preventing your body from germs, bacteria, allergins and a number of other things which your body should be able to fight off on its own. When you prevent it from ever getting the chance to be exposed your immune… Read more »

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